The Traditional Maker Process

Banks, insurance companies and others in BFSI capture primary data as paper documents that need to be converted into electronic form.

They use a process comprising of two sub-processes.

  • The maker process captures data from paper in digital form.
  • The checker process verifies accuracy of the maker process.

Existing maker/checker processes use manual labour.

  • People may be paid based on the output plus a fixed income.

Other costs involved are building, personal computers, furniture, lighting, power, etc.

What is Monolens

Monolens is designed to replace manual maker process with a cloud-based system. It is provided for both printed and handwritten documents or forms in BFSI domain.

Monolens augments/replaces the maker process—one that captures data form—in a cost-effective fashion. It is customizable to forms, mode of capture (scanned or mobile), etc.

Why Monolens

The accuracy of Monolens is tested to be top class

  • Printed forms: up to 100%
  • Handwritten insurance proposal forms: up to 97%

It allows manpower engaged in the maker process to be engaged in top-line activities like business development.

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