Client Background

The client is a platform that offers customers the ability to obtain quotes on business essential items such as Electricity, Telecommunications, Foreign Exchange and Global Sourcing. It offers a fast and convenient service for business owners on being transparent and professional. Services included a free no obligation analysis on current bills and rates to see if there is a better deal in the market. The client sources the best deals through a tendering process with large trusted brands and can offer an extremely competitive offering. This CMS system was built using WordPress.

Project Summary

The app allows the end user to submit the questionnaire across verticals like Electricity,Telecommunication,Foreign Exchange and Global Sourcing and get the quotes from multiple trusted brands so that customer can compare the quotes and select the brand which suits him better. It is a hassle free application where an end user can get connected to the large trusted brands with few clicks.

Project Challenges

  • The Existing product was manually done through paper work which was time taking and was a laborious tasks for the client to verify the questionnaires and map the quotes.
  • Needed 3 user roles like Admin, Broker and End user.
  • Track the status of quotes with respect to the questionnaire.
  • Client Admin: – Client wants to have an option where he can look into all the options like Questionnaires, Quotes, Members, and Suppliers.
  • Client Admin: – should be able to capture the quotes from Suppliers and upload the documents and also fill the quotes so that end user can get connected.
  • Client Admin: – have a facility to download the questionnaire in the form of excel sheet and also download the quote in the form of PDF.
  • End User: – have facility to fill the questionnaire so that he can get the best quotes from the suppliers.
  • End user:- he can compare all the quotes he receives and then connected
  • Broker:- can create new credentials for the end user with the broker referral id
  • Broker:- can be able to see the questionnaires and quotes of the end user


  • Implemented the functionalities of questionnaire and quotes as per client requirement and have come up with dashboard where client admin have access to the entire application.
  • Came up with questionnaire without quick links of the questionnaires for all the verticals, so that end user can start filling the any complex work flow.
  • Implemented the functionality of downloading questionnaires and quotes, so that admin can work offline as well.


Client started using the application for the Electricity vertical successfully and now saving lot of time and automated the entire business process. What normally took 5 days to be done manually is now taking just 1 day using our application.

Industry & Technologies


  • Energy & Other Services

Technologies/Tools used:

  1. PHP
  3. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery.
  4. MySQL