Migrating the existing php based web application completely in to nTier Architecture using .Net with the database migration to a cloud base solution using Microsoft Azure.

About Client

XZY(Name changed), founded by UK-based professionals, is a pioneering concept that brings much needed structure to the independent healthcare space in India, and the world over. The XZY service provides a gateway for healthcare providers to connect to their patients. Patients benefit from far greater choice and can book instant appointments with their chosen healthcare provider based on their needs and preferences. At XZY you can search Top Indian Doctors Online, Best Indian Doctors Online. The service is accessible 24/7 via the website, and is supported by the option of telephone bookings via the XZY call centre. With unprecedented benefits to both healthcare providers and patients, the service is being rapidly rolled out across India.

Migrating their existing php based web application completely in to nTier Architecture using .Net with their database migrated to a cloud base solution using Microsoft Azure. MVC based APIs was used for the middleware. MySQL stored procedures were created to remove inline SQL queries as in legacy code base. MVC architecture was used for the application to be responsive across multiple devices including Smart Phones, Tablets, laptops etc. The features in this project included Search Doctors, Filtering Doctors based on their location and specialization, Doctor Sign up, Patient login, Booking appointment with the doctors, Individual doctor website, Query submission and blogs.
  • Scalability in their existing application was the biggest challenge.
  • The client experienced great revenue loss because of the number of doctor registrations failing as it required manual confirmation both by the doctor and the XZY’s Team.
  • Their existing web application was not device compliant and the client wanted across multiple device such as smart phones and tablets.

This included migrating the legacy DB to Microsoft Azure environment, writing new web APIs, creation of new UI with responsive design providing the capability to access across multiple devices using Angular JS & HTML5, improvements in search functionalities in the web app, running the existing application and the new application in parallel to prove to the client the efficiency of the new system.


1. Successfully able to access the new application across multiple devices
2. Ability to register doctors in a few steps without any manual intervention.
3. Client’s confidence on Monocept’s capability of delivering the highest quality migration project which resulted in client wanted Monocept to build mobile application as the next phase.

  • Healthcare
Technologies/Tools used:
  • .NET
  • MVC Frame work
  • Microsoft Azure
  • HTML5
  • Angular JS
  • Json