About Client

Client provides general insurance solutions to secure customer against unexpected and untoward events. With Client’s offerings, customers can avail protection solutions for business, personal and project liabilities across rural as well as urban areas in India.

Business & Technology Challenges in clients website

  • Monitoring individual and production pages as there was mismatch between individual nodes & the ones in production
  • Leaks happening at multiple levels such as connection, data reader, data tables, backend, connections etc.
  • Issues with Logging Framework that is increasing the page loading time
  • To evaluate tools such as AppDynamics, ReSharper to enhance performance
  • UI optimization of all the web pages
  • Challenges in following modern engineering practices
  • Review to be done on Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Validation of google ads
  • Review their Biztalk queueing services


  • Started monitoring production & individual notes and started publishing this to the team on a daily basis.
  • The leaks happening at multiple locations were first identified at all levels including Data Reader, Connection, Database, code base etc.
  • Recommendation for Caching were suggested for better UI optimization including CSS Sprites
  • Performed end to end Performance engineering analysis.
  • Recommendation for google ads load time was made and immediately implemented.
  • Suggested for not having Java Scripts embedded in the html, but instead be separated.
  • Multiple ajax calls were being made in parallel which was not required unless the respective page was loaded

Measurable Benefits seen post our recommendations

  • Page loading time reduced by 70%
  • Most of the front end, back end leaks were identified and plugged
  • Changes in the logging framework was implemented which substantially reduced the page loading time
  • Measurable increase in Performance of UI found
  • Google ads load time which originally increased the load time of the web page was reduced from 10.2 secs to 6.3 secs