Client Background

Client is a leading global provider of Information Technology solutions and Process Management for medium-to-large Enterprises. The firm today is fast becoming the solution of choice for the industries such as Infrastructure building, Construction, Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, power & power transportation, Enterprise-wide process automation, Knowledge Management, Task Monitoring, Design Collaboration and Project and Document Management.

Project Summary

This project aims at building the finest high performing web and mobile-web solutions for client’s legacy desktop document management system. Millions of units are manufactured based on this system’s design, hence high performing solution, accuracy and document version management control are crucial for the success of the project. It includes re-architecting and developing the stable web application system that handles heaviest load, leaving no scope for crashes and multi-threading issues in the concurrency environments.

Challenges / Objectives

  1. Client was looking for a firm that would provide browser and mobile based solutions for its complex existing desktop application without compromising on the performance. Additionally, it must not change the existing server side business logic for its complex application.
  2. Client required Monocept to:
  3. Build a solution to support access using browsers and mobile-web, by overcoming technological and architectural barriers with highest accuracy and great performance.
  4. To build a high performance solution to support 1000 concurrent users.
  5. Each individual I/O operation to be completed within 1 second supporting 1000 concurrent users and consuming less than 70 percent CPU and memory utilization.


  1. The application was tested by the quality engineers to support 1000 concurrent users with high performance and upload capacity within sub second time frame.
  2. Monocept developed light weight; highly modularized, independent data transfer web solutions to reduce the high processing time due to large I/O transfers, using highly advance Dot Net technology.
  3. Designed an entire new Architecture using Dataset Mapper, which improves the data mapping.
  4. Created highly reliable communication mechanism to communicate effectively between the Client and the server.


  1. High performance Web Architecture which was designed supported the same functionality as client’s existing desktop application. The web solution catered to 1000 concurrent users unlike the earlier existing desktop system that supported less than 100 concurrent users.
  2. The web application developed was highly optimized with asynchronous upload/f_auto,q_auto/download time of less than a second, with high accuracy and performance.
  3. The system was very stable with heaviest load handling capacity and leaving no scope for crashes, no multi-threading issues in the concurrency environments and no system hangs.