50% overall performance improvement due to reduced code, utilization of 64 bit platform hardware capabilities and finally rewritten business logic.

About Client

The Client is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, the client enables more than 300 million transactions daily across the retail, financial, travel, hospitality, and telecom and technology industries.

The Challenge

The client runs Automated clearinghouse (ACH) software for central bank for interbank automated cheque clearing, NEFT and other such electronic fund transfers between various banks.

The Product is a very large and complex business application that has been written and evolved over 15 years as a strong C++ 32 bit application. The latest trends in technology, unavailability of experienced and skilled C++ professionals to maintain and manage the complex software and then availability of 64 bit platforms has necessitated the client to think about migrating this complex product to latest technologies and, at the same time, allow it to be scaled with on-demand load by using private cloud services for its End Of Day processing that used to take long hours for various reporting and other settlement processes to complete.

The client had few challenges in achieving the migration and, thus, identified Monocept as the right partners for achieving this.


Monocept is Microsoft Azure Gold partner for such technically complex works through its partnership programs.

Monocept came up with a migration approach that involved development of a core application framework that makes use of latest technologies available in .NET 4.5.1 such as Task Parallel Libraries and Task Processing Frameworks that reduced the code by about 60% when compared to Native C++.

The core application framework that was created was highly efficient and could be then used in all modules of application to further create task-processing modules across all components. Monocept investigated and proposed using available existing logging frameworks that are more efficient than native logging libraries due to trace listener implementations and asynchronous logging capabilities. Monocept also helped re-write the business logic and certain complex technical workflows there by improving performance by 50% over existing application.


Monocept was successful in achieving the project migration fulfilling all the project parameters such as:

  1. The client could use latest technological advancements for most of framework operations than custom migrating each framework through tools
  2. The client realized a complete 50% overall performance improvement due to reduced code, utilization of 64 bit platform hardware capabilities and finally rewritten Business logic.
  3. The client could make use of cloud services for on demand scalability needs
  4. The client was so impressed with the results within first couple of months of the project that they had asked Monocept to take the complete ownership of migrating the entire product to the new technology and platform and also help move to private cloud. The application was deployed and tested on latest windows server.