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Monolens is designed to replace manual maker process, where data is entered manually from a document to systems with a cloud-based tool. It is provided for both printed and handwritten documents or forms and is customizable to forms, mode of capture (scanned or mobile), etc.



Our Aadhar masking solution REDACT allows organizations to use Aadhar card for authentication purposes by masking the eight digits of Aadhaar number, while keeping customers data private and secure.

aadhaar masking


Stream your videos online and offline anywhere anytime with Video365. Its powerful content security system allows video streaming from a local server and offline video playback without letting the user download the content.


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I have been working with Monocept for quite some time. They have done a fantastic job all the while solving my problems in QA automation. I strongly recommend them for any complex projects. They have made my life easy
Manjusha Pothy Reddy, AMC Networks
Monocept has a dedicated and enthusiastic team. When we started the journey with Monocept, it was a tough situation where they inherited an existing code base. Monocept has been ensuring that our projects are delivered successfully with minimal disruption. It has been a great journey & we are taking this business relationship to the next level. Thanks to Monocept
Suresh Kolla - Head of IT, RELIGARE
Video365 team at Monocept helped us launch our digital media platform Arre within a very short period. As a startup, we had multiple options to consider. The biggest challenge that we identified in streaming our videos were the availability of these videos across multiple browsers / smartphones and needless to mention the price. Video365 team solved these challenges.
Ajay Chacko - CEO, ARRE