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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16


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Accelerate development time, to enjoy fast response to your business needs with remarkably higher flexibility and agility in your cloud-based applications. At Monocept, we help you develop, cloud-ready apps quickly. Backed by the right tools, tech stack, and expertise, our cloud-native developers are ready to help you build powerful apps faster to drive up revenue.

Why Cloud-Native Apps?

As IT organizations move to the cloud, most often they miss the opportunity to make the best of their investments by maximizing their apps. Although cloud infrastructure offers scalability, elasticity, and efficiency, moving traditional or on-premise apps into the cloud, do not take the full advantage of the cloud computing architecture and models. Typically, the endpoint of such migration is merely moving an app into the cloud (cloud-enabled apps), instead of developing a true cloud app (cloud-native). Therefore, whereas cloud-enabled apps are enabled to be compatible with the cloud, the cloud-native app is entirely different.

Lightweight Applications

Cloud-native application development allows you to develop apps that are smaller and in a remarkably shorter time than on-premise solutions. With the functionalities of a native application, your apps will offer enriching features and seamless experience to your users. The app servers will be located within data centers and typically managed by a third-party cloud services infrastructure provider.

Incredibly Portable

Whatever you need in a cloud-native application, comes within its individual package (microservices). This apps makes it wholly convenient for your business to make changes to your locations or systems at any time. That way, your business can adapt to diverse situations as soon as they occur with minimum downtime and disruptions.

Reduced Time and Costs

Cloud-native app development costs much lower than developing on-premise apps. Leverage the advantage of saving up to 100% on capital expenditure and 20% on operational costs. As your business efficiency soars, you can deliver more competitive prices to your customers and further boost your profit margins.

Speedy updates and deployments

Enjoy access to a better app development architecture that integrates seamlessly with your business operations, allowing you to cut back on time and energy. Managing, deploying or updating the features of your Cloud-native apps are much easier and faster. With cloud-native applications, you can go beyond the restrictions of on-premise infrastructure and devices.

Increased Durability

Because cloud-native apps are decoupled and agnostic to the underlying infrastructure, your apps become infinitely flexible. That way, you can make changes and evolve with new systems and business needs without adversely affecting durability, in occasions of minor system faults. Hence, our users can always use your applications offline, keeping your operations from slowing down, while you update or transition, however, and whenever you like.

Enhanced Data Security

The cloud provides a highly resilient infrastructure which lends higher data security to your Cloud infrastructure and software comes with higher data security as an added advantage. With cloud-based applications, you can leverage pre-built security features that have been proven and tested, offering you a more stable foundation to grow your business. It further saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on more important core processes.

Why Choose Monocept for your Cloud-Native App Development​​

As a top-of-the-line cloud app development company, Monocept is committed to helping clients design, architect and implement cloud-native apps. We use the latest DevOps technologies and frameworks to develop seamless cloud-native apps that can meet your expectations. Our team of cloud-native app developers will develop cloud applications solutions of the highest quality standards that will match your business needs, goals and visions.

As industry-leading cloud specialists, we are competent in developing cloud-native apps, using open standards for interoperability, which enables your business to enjoy higher performance, flexibility, and optimized business velocity solutions.

Partner with the cloud experts to facilitate your move to the cloud and see your company’s bottom-line soar.


Embrace our profound knowledge and capabilities to prepare efficiently for your cloud transformation process. Backed by in-depth expertise, our team of cloud specialists can help you access your application portfolio's cloud readiness, identity the needed capabilities and right cloud architecture that can fulfill your business needs. Overall, we help you maximize returns on your cloud investments while helping set you on the right path for sustainable growth and success.


Developing new cloud-native apps isn't always ideal. Therefore, we can help you make the best of your legacy apps, with all-inclusive refactoring of your existing apps, that your customers rely on to ensure no disruptions to your revenue stream. Through containerization, self-service and automation, Monocept can develop apps on any architecture with superb speed, helping your business achieve cloud maturity, without rebuilding from scratch


We can help your business develop new cloud-native apps empowering you with the ability to transform ideas into products and services super fast. Our team is proficient in building cloud-native software using microservices, agile coding, and the latest DevOps tools such as Terraform and DataDog. That way, we help your business accelerate response time to emerging needs, build and deploy at lower costs to fully maximize the benefits of the cloud.


Leverage the ability to integrate and continuously deploy your cloud-applications with other on-premise or cloud environments. Our vast proficiency in a wide range of technologies and external cloud application environments makes it easy for us to protect your app against vulnerabilities during the integration processes. We also uphold stringent practices to establish a successful continuous integration and deployment set-up.

Invest In Cloud-Native App Development Solutions From Monocept​

Time and time again, we have put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their end-users to develop seamless experiences. In everything we do, we leave no stone unturned as we strive to develop robust cloud-native apps that can help you stay on top. Contact us today, and discover how we aim to achieve your visions with highly-effective cloud-native app development solutions.

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