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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16


100% Error-Free Data Extraction

You no longer need to spend hours manually entering data from printed forms. Our cloud-based optical character recognition tool - Monolens - frees up your time using machine learning algorithms to automatically extract data from printed documents and feed it into the system in a structured manner. Monolens supports the following Indian documents and can be tweaked to scan and extract international documents:

●PAN ●Voter ID ●Aadhaar card ●Bank cheques ●Passport ●Driving license ●NACH form ●NEFT form ●Bank statement ●Hospital claim forms ●Medical bills ●Form 16 and 26A, etc.

Intelligent Detection

Advanced text-detection using AI-ML to locate and extract key fields and line items

Real-time Data Extraction

Monolens extracts data and feeds it into your system as soon as any printed document is uploaded.

APIs for Business Applications

Plug and play solution that can be integrated effortlessly with your business application.

Regulatory Compliant

Monolens is 100% regulatory compliant and keeps your users’ data private and secure.

High Accuracy

Say goodbye to human error with high-accuracy in data extraction and form-filling achieved through an AI-ML based solution.


Monolens can be customised to support international documents, receipts, invoices, and other documents that are commonly used in your business.


Request a demo for quick and error-free text recognition for your business and Transform your business with customized technology solutions.

Save Time and Cost

Reliable data extraction solution that automates the tedious task of manually entering data from government forms.

Eliminate Human Errors

Monolens use ML-based algorithms to scan data and fill it in a structured manner with 100% accuracy. The self-learning software recognizes different fields and images while scanning, and improves its accuracy with every use.

Customisable Solution

Monolens has been designed to adapt to any enterprise and can be customised to understand various languages and extract data from international forms.

Case Studies

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