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Quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed cloud centres. Cloud computing increases agility, flexibility and efficiency of an organization. Integrate a public cloud computing application with the current IT environment and build applications using multiple language, tool, or framework.

Migrate to cloud

Cloud computing has many benefits which can give a competitive edge to any enterprise.

We help in discovering and analyzing workloads or applications which can be moved to cloud.  After evaluating the existing infrastructure, we recommend the best tools and frameworks which fit into your migration strategy. These tools will complement your existing plan and enhance its efficiency. After the audit we map out the right servers to migrate to Microsoft Azure.

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Application modernization

When planning app modernization, we analyze critical factors like existing architecture, system dependencies, cost drivers, etc. Thus, we recommend the best strategy for you to modernize on Azure cloud. We try to provide the most innovative solution possible that gives you a cloud computing advantage.

We constantly work with our clients to identify most successful approach to implement and innovative modern application patterns.

Native cloud application development

Monocept helps organizations in designing, building and delivering applications which are easily accessible, anytime and anywhere. These applications increase productivity and above all support your core business function. Cloud computing has many security functions which help in keeping your data secure.

Our step by step approach to clearly defines requirements and helps in building a customized application which supports your business needs.

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Monocept, a Microsoft Azure gold partner helps organizations in moving to a cloud based environment.  Our Microsoft certified architects along with a proven methodology makes the entire transition hasslefree.

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