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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Cloud application and its transformation in 2020

Sep 16

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Build and Deploy Automated Testing Environments for Complete Digital Transformation

Monocept provides its clients with expert test automation services, leveraging years of experience in executing test automation projects for a global clientele that spans multiple industry sectors. Our test automation strategies comprise pre-built automation scripts and frameworks customized to deploy an efficient testing environment for organizations swiftly. The result is reduced time to market and reduced testing efforts that ultimately lead to higher revenue and growth.

Our Testing Services

Performance Testing

Explore our cutting-edge performance testing services that include web, distributed and cloud databases, high-volume systems and complex applications. You can trust us to implement high-performing testing solutions to reduce your time-to-market and ensure the responsiveness and agility of your IT products.

Test Automation

Improve your return on investment (ROI) and reduce your overall testing effort with our plug-n-play automation testing frameworks that can be customised to meet your specific company goals.

Mobile Automation

Ensure the best mobile experience for your clients with mobile automation services integrated with advanced analytics for actionable insights. We have fostered strong partnerships with leading mobile testing tool providers to ensure our clients’ are always ahead of the mobile technology curve through automated testing environments powered by the most sophisticated tools and technologies.

Regression Testing

IT systems and applications need to be updated on a continual basis to take advantage of the latest developments and features. However, it is essential to uncover any bugs or flaws that may creep into the system through an upgrade and destroy it. Through our advanced regression testing methods, we ensure your applications remain robust and none of the enhancements leads to any adverse impact on the existing system.

Functional Testing

Validate your applications against defined parameters to meet the expectations of your users and ensure high functionality. We offer a well-structured testing approach at Monocept based on proven tools and technologies and engage with businesses at different stages of development to ensure an efficient and error-free product.

Security Testing

With growing concerns about cybersecurity, it is essential to include security testing into your digital transformation to make your IT infrastructure impenetrable to hackers. Our security experts are poised to uncover and fix the vulnerabilities in your system while ensuring your software is benchmarked for quality assurance.

Implement an automated testing environment for rapid digital transformation and boost your ROI effortlessly.

How Monocept Works to Provide The Best In Class QA Automation Services:

  • We Use Selenium Web driver with all the Browser level Automation
  • We Use Appium for Mobile (iOS, Android) Automation
  • We Use TestNG for Reporting Framework along with other Third party APIs to get Graphical reports
  • We Use Postman tool to Validate API Testing and Https Client , Rest-Assure for API Automation
  • We Use Hybrid Frameworks ( Keyword Driven, Data Driven, POM, Module Driven.. etc) including Cucumber for BDD
  • We Use Cloud Based tools to integrate multiple platforms and multiple browsers to test
  • We Use Multithreading (parallel tests) to speed up testing.
  • We Use CI (Jenkins)for Continues Job execution and send email to all the stake holders
  • We Use Azure Pipeline for CI/CD to integrate test code into DevOps
  • We Use Desktop Application automation using Winium / Sikuli / Ranorex tools
  • We Use Allure / Extent APIs for Dynamic graphical execution report including Test Steps and Screenshots
  • We Use Maven as Build tool for automate the process of download required libraries automatically.
  • All Auto-tests integrated with bug-tracking systems (e.g. Jira) and test case management systems (TestRail).
  • We Use Jenkins for Performance Testing on GUI Level
  • We can Automate END to END load testing and generate report with graphs automatically
  • We Use Zap for basic Security testing for manual and Integrate with Automation scripts
  • We Use PMD / Sonarqube for Static code analysis for maintain coding slandered and find common programming flaws

Ensure Your Mission Critical Projects are Completed on Time

Reduce the time span between development and launch through plug-n-play automated testing solutions that ensure faster releases and zero regression costs.

Leverage our expert automation testing services to boost profits, minimise errors and reduce your time to market.